Prevent infection

Dear Parents & Children


As you are all experiencing, a large parts of the Danish society has been closed down in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus (covid-19).


In general, medical specialist practices remain open for now.


We advise our patients and their parents not to show up for consultation if sick and/or experiencing mild symptoms (ie colds) in order to avoid infecting other patients.


Furthermore, we advise our patients and their relatives to carry out consultations as phone- or video consultations to the possible extent.


If your consultation does not require medical examination or if your medical examination can be postponed to a later point in time, we recommend to change your consultation to a phone- or video consultation.  


On Thursdays, the week before your consultation,  we will be sending out a text message informing you whether your consultation will be carried out as a phone- or video consultation or conducted in person at the pediatric clinic.


You do not need to call the pediatric clinic to hear if you still have an appointment. As long as we are healthy, the clinic will remain open and your consultation will be carried out.


However, as always, we ask you to call to cancel your appointment if you are unable to come.


If changes occur, you will be notified.


We apologize for the inconvenience, but we hope you understanding.



Pediatric clinic/Børnelægeklinkken

Jægersborgvej 66

2800 Lyngby

Wash your hands often or use hand rubbing alcohol

Cough or sneeze in your sleeve

Limit physical contact

Pay attention to cleaning

Avoid large gatherings



Jægersborgvej 66B, 2 SAL

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Telefontid Speciallæge

Lise Lykke Thomsen

Mandag  kl. 8.30 - 9.00 

Tirsdag kl 12-12.30

Ellers efter aftale med sekretæren

+45 45 93 28 98

Ydernummer: 215244

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Tidsbestilling for alle kan kun

foretages hos sekretær på:

+45 50 46 84 44

Sekretær telefontid:

Uge 28: Mandag kl 8-10;

Onsdag kl 12-14

Fredag kl 8-10.

Uge 29-32: Mandag ; Onsdag og fredag  kl 8-10.

Uge 33 og frem:

Mandag og Torsdag kl 8-10.

Patienter fra sundhedsforsikring og selvbetalere kan lægge besked på: +45 60 68 68 00 (bliver efterfølgende kontaktet mhp aftale)


NB. Sekretærens telefontid kan varierer fra uge til uge - se venligst ovenfor.

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