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Senior pediatric consultant, MD, PhD.


We treat children/adolesents between 0 and 18 years of age.

It's our goal to ensure you the best possible treatment. 

We value a respectful collaboration, high professional quality, good dialog and that you feel safe and comfortable during your treatment as a patient.

Your child can be referred by your general practitioner (sygesikringsgruppe 1 og 2), or be seen as a private patient (through a health insurance or by paying your self). Link for more information

Please notify our secretary if your child is affected by MRSA, chickenpox, wooping cough or diarrhea, so that appointment can be planed without risk of other patients.


We follow the Danish Health and Medicines Authority's guidelines carefully, so that everyone can feel safe and secure here in the clinic.

We will therefore ask you to keep your distance and please spritz your hands before you show up at the clinic.

In future, there will also be an increased use of protective equipment in connection with the investigations.

We will also ask you to take max. one relative with.

The clinic is accredited without remarks. The clinic fulfills all the general and special-purpose measurement points for treatment and patient safety according to:



DDKM (Danish Healthcare Quality Programme)

Certificate 2017


DDKM (Danish Healthcare Quality Programme)

Certificate 2019




Link to blood sampling

Please call 38683080 (12 Am-18pm) to book an appointment for bloodsample.

Link to privacy policy


For parents and





cancellation by phone 
+45 50 46 84 44

during secretary phone hours or by e.mail

Cancellations must be made no later than one week before the agreed time.
It costs DKK 250 to stay away from an agreed time without a cancellation.


50 46 84 44



Jægersborgvej 66B, 2 SAL

2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Telefontid Speciallæge (45932898)

Lise Lykke Thomsen

Mandag  kl. 8.30 - 9.00 

Tirsdag kl 12-12.30

NB. Hvis der er optaget på telefonen - så prøv venligst igen, da det skyldes, at vi taler med andre patienter.

Ellers efter aftale med sekretæren

+45 50468444

Ydernummer: 215244

EDIFACT lokalisationsnummer:



Tidsbestilling for alle kan kun

foretages hos sekretær på:

+45 50 46 84 44

Sekretær telefontid (50468444):

Sekretær telefontid uge 15:

Mandag kl 8-10

Onsdag kl 16-18

Torsdag kl 8-10

Sekretær telefontid uge 16:

Mandag kl 16-18

Onsdag kl 16-18

Torsdag kl 16-18

NB. Hvis der er optaget på telefonen - så prøv venligst igen, da det skyldes, at vi taler med andre patienter.

Patienter fra sundhedsforsikring og selvbetalere kan lægge besked på: +45 60 68 68 00 (bliver efterfølgende kontaktet hurtigt mhp aftale)


NB. Sekretærens telefontid kan varierer fra uge til uge - se venligst ovenfor.

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