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"I am dedicated to secure you the best possible course of treatment in a present and trusting way"



Lise Lykke Thomsen



I graduated as a doctor in 1992 and specialized in childhood diseases with a broad and extensive experience in the field.



After compleeting my education as a doctor I have been employed at the Department of Pediatrics at respectively Glostrup, Herlev, Hillerød and Rigshospitalet.

From 2009 I have been employed as chief physician at the Department of Pediatrics at Glostrup Hospital; from 2010 as chief physician at Department of Pediatrics at Rigshospitalets; from 2014- 2018 as chief Physician af Department of Pediatrics at Herlev Hospital.

I have treated many children and adolescents with asthma and allergies, eczema, growth problems, puberty problems  infections, abdominal pain and children with urinary and/or bowl problems.



I also have extensive experience with children and adolescents with neurological disorders. Ie Children with migraine and other headaches; children with epilepsy; children with involuntary movements/movement disorders, Ticks; Children with Tourette Syndrome, Children with delayed development or children with learning disability.



I am very interested in communiction and communication between doctor and patient and doctor and parents. I appreciate and prioritize an open, clear and precise dialogue regarding your childs illness/problems and the subsequent assessment and treatment plan.


If  you want to know more about my background, please find my resume and data below.






1992   Medical degree from University of

           Copenhagen - Cand Med.

2002   PhD from University of Copenhagen.


2007   Specialiced in Pediatrics .

2009   Chief Physician af department of pediatrics              at Glostrup university Hospital and chief og              pediatric headache center.

2010   Expert educated in neuropediatrics.

2010   Chief Physician at børneUngeKlinikken   

           University Hospital Rigshospitalet.

2012   Chief Physician and Specialised practitioner            in pediatrics.

2014   Chief Physician af department of pediatrics

           at Herlev Hospital and specialized    

           practitioner in pediatrics.


2018   Specialized practitioners in pediatrics and

           Praktiserende speciallæge i

           pædiatri og medical consulent.

After completing my education as a doctor, I have been employed at the Department of Pediatrics at Glostrup, Herlev, Hillerød and Rigshospitalet.



PhD from Copenhagen University based on the thesis: "An epidemiological and clinical study of migraine with paralysis".


I am a member of:

The General Medical Danish Medical Association (DADL)
The Association of Specialist Physicians

Danish Association of Pediatric Allergology and Pulmonology
Danish Association of Pediatrics

Danish Association of Neuropediatrics

Danish Association of medicin

Danish Pediatricians Organisation 


2002 - 2003    
Advisor for The Migraine Classification Subcommittee, The International Headache Society.


2009 - 2010
Member of The Health Sciences Council for Clinical Genetics

Medlemskaber og tillidsposte


Several articles in Danish and international medical journals about different pediatric topics, presented research results at international congresses, been examiner and supervisor at the University of Copenhagen, including PHD supervisor for PHD students involved in clinical research projects.

Written book chapters regarding treatment of headaches in children in the Danish reference program for headaches and facial pain in collaboration with The Danish Neurological Society. 
Conducted several scientific lectures at international cogresses and attended and participated in relevant Danish and International courses and congresses. 

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